"Misty River" - Bernard Coppe

"Misty River" - Bernard Coppe

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Original oil on canvas, unframed, 16" x 20"


Artist's Statement:

My name is Bernard Coppe, I'm the artist and I'm thrilled to show you this beautiful painting I have up for auction here! I love painting and I believe that high-quality artwork should be available to everyone! It's because of this that I've decided to sell my work at a very reasonable price...Everyone thinks I'm crazy for doing this - and frankly, I don't know how long I can keep the low prices of my paintings; so place your order NOW - before someone else does! ONLY One of the kind....

*** VERY IMPORTANT: is the style of painting that I do. I use loose brushwork and heavy layers of bright paint (also know as Impasto) to create the image before me. It is a very difficult style to master and it has taken me many many years to perfect my own take on the style. The paintings may appear fast, under-worked, or too fuzzy to the untrained eye, but to those who understand and what it takes to paint this way - will recognize the jewels that I'm offering here.