"Canyon Cat" - Jennipher Cunningham
"Canyon Cat" - Jennipher Cunningham

"Canyon Cat" - Jennipher Cunningham

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20" x 24"

Jenn Cunningham Bio:

         Jenn is a one of a kind artist who uses bright and bold colors intertwined with thick, fun brush strokes. Each of her paintings is truly unique. She takes otherwise mundane or casual animal scenes into colorful eccentric masterpieces.

Jennipher has always been an artist since she was young; however, she has only recently started to reveal her talent to the world in the last few years. Jenn has an extensive background volunteering her time to animals such as in kennels, vet hospitals, shelters, and horse ranches.

"I started feeling my art leave my life and I had a choice, work for a living or take a chance and throw myself into my art." In the end, Jenn decided to take a chance and go all in for her dream.. art! "It has been a hard road to travel, but I don't regret a single day. My ability continues to grow leaps and bounds as my confidence soars!"

"I am chasing my dreams, each of these painting is a symbol of that. My work is my soul laid out for all to see. It takes guts to paint that which you love in the hopes that others like your vision. I paint things I like to look at, I am inspired by the world I live in."

Jenn is also a Force Free Dog Trainer ( http://friendsforlifeco.com/ ) and continues to help animals on her journey to greatness.