"Copper Falls” - Van Kelly

"Copper Falls” - Van Kelly

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Original batik and epoxy, unframed, 25” x 20”


About the Artist, Van Kelly

Born In Denver, On the 18th of June, 1961

Batik: Is the application of melted wax onto cloth, the cloth is used as a resistant to seal in different colors. It can be very difficult to control the wax which is key in creating the detail which in turn makes the process very difficult and time consuming. Thus creating beautiful and highly valued works of art.


“ My passion is to bring a new experience to the viewer by using and trying new techniques and vivid colors with this wild art form called batik. ”


Van started Batik at the young age of 12 and continued on through adulthood. His journey began with adoration of his mother who was an art teacher. Leading with inspiration from his mother’s work, Van showed interest in many mediums but none as much as Batik.


“ Mother was an art instructor and I always showed an interest in her work, We worked with most mediums. When I did my first batik, I was fascinated and stayed at it. I remember mom being upset because I would always get wax on the stove top ”


His works are mostly of landscapes and some skiers/snowboarders in action. Each one is unique and none can not be reproduced. The paintings can be displayed in many different forms. Behind glass, between glass, wrapped around different shapes, behind epoxy and even scroll batiks can be hung with poles or rods. Each scroll is carefully sprayed with protective waterproofing gloss as to ensure that dust, water or any other damaging substances will not ruin the art. Many of Van’s gorgeous works are framed in hand made wooden frames he designed and built himself.


“ My most often asked question is, how long does it take to do a painting? I have to say a lifetime because it’s hard to do and I’m always learning new ways. It takes a long time”