"Red Tractor" - An Oil Painting by Susan Jarecky

"Red Tractor" - An Oil Painting by Susan Jarecky

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Epic Estate Treasures is pleased to include Susan Jarecky into our family of artists.

"Red Tractor," measuring 18 x 18,  is an inside look of an old barn, with a red tractor and bright yellow tank.

Ms. Susan Jarecky's style of painting is light and airy, reminiscent of artists from Monet to Howard Behrens.

Even the frame is a piece of art, hand made frame made of metal created by Ms. Susan Jarecky herself.


About the Artist:

 Susan Jarecky was born in 1962, and raised in Irvine, California. Always with  crayon or brush in hand, Susan revealed her passion for art early on. She was fortunate to have people of influence around her while growing up, who encouraged the development of her talent.


While attending Cal State Fullerton and with a scholarship to Art Center College, Susan was accepted for apprenticeship at age 19 with Szabo International, a well-known architectural illustration firm.  This launched a 30-year career as a professional illustrator in the architectural field.  Working in watercolor, acrylic and mixed media, Susan’s eye and design ability enables her to translate architects' ideas to presentation form. She eschews the use of computers, which, in her opinion, may become an artist’s "crutch,”and creates visual imbalance. She believes sketching with confidence and trusting the eye is key to any art form. Susan’s work includes commercial and residential projects worldwide.


Having retired from commercial art, her fine art career has become Susan's focus, as she joyfully returns to her first love of oil painting. In 2011, Susan was honored to make her fine art debut as a first year exhibitor in the Festival of Arts, Laguna Beach.  


  Susan works en plein air as well as in studio, and studies a variety of subject matter. “My heart is with ‘the horse.’ It was the first thing I learned to draw and paint. As a horse owner, years of daily grooming taught me every body part”, says Susan. The West, a story that never ends, provides endless subject matter for Susan. Her desire to memorialize rural Americana is expressed in the imagery of nature, horses, landscape and “all things Western.” The American West embodies a unique cultural way of life. Painting is Susan’s personal journey which is influenced by her rural upbringing. She a is witness to the dramatic changes, and her paintings depict the reality of what remains of the past, evoking emotions of sadness and hope. 


This year, Susan’s travels take her to the Santa Ynez Valley where she finds inspiration for new paintings. The harsh reality of lack of rain is devastating to a ranch community.  Although this is documented  in the paintings, the challenge for Susan was to make a beautiful piece of art from it. This new body of work is entitled “Drought”.


          In Colorado, the draw of the mountains has led Susan to purchase a second home in the small town of Evergreen.  Amongst the forested landscape, she spends creative time experimenting in her new studio and reconnecting her soul with nature.