"Three Amigos" by Jenn Cunningham

"Three Amigos" by Jenn Cunningham

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H: 20"

L: 16"

Jenn Cunningham,


Is a local Colorado artist, who is self-taught and has been painting for 14 years. Her experience and talent showing through the extremely vibrant colors of her art. Her love for animals and western style became a passion for the Rocky Mountain Landscapes, with many of her pieces depicting the grandeur of Colorado.

The use of bold, bright colors stems from a combination of two backgrounds, comic books illustration, and her graphic design degree. Her latest illustration work is a colorful book about horse safety and care by local author Tanya Buck. “ 101 Ways To Die or Live Happily Ever After with Your Horse. ”   

Many of her illustration art is done with pen and ink, which is one of her favorite tools to use aside from the bold acrylic and watercolors which make all of her pieces mesmerizing.


From the gorgeous nature scenes to the adorable and beautifully depicted animals, her art makes a very bold statement. Her work has been sold all over the world, brightening one room at a time, from log cabins to multi-million dollar castles.